Running & Winning

Running & WInning - 2008It is hard to believe that the Running and Winning Workshop is almost here. AAUW-Tucson members Shirley Muney and Shirley Andreatta took the Running and Winning Program on the road this summer and hauled a DVD, display board and Carol Dow’s newly created handouts to the AAUW Convention in Saint Louis. Our table was surrounded by enthusiastic convention-eers the entire time we were open. There was no lack of inter-est in the program.

Many guests commented they thought it was an outstanding program and something their Branches might be interested in developing. All agreed that a workshop focused on helping high school juniors and seniors understand the political candi-date election process was a worthwhile project. They were especially impressed with the idea of bringing various women’s groups together to plan, develop and implement the work-shop.

Many also felt it was a good opportunity to bring non partisan politics into their program. Six-teen people from Texas to Wisconsin and from Washington to New York requested complete copies of all our materials.

By the end of the evening Esther Scher and Shirley Muney were down to the last three handouts and almost too hoarse to talk.
Now we are ready to welcome the next group of young ladies to the Running and Winning Pro-gram. The 2009 Running and Winning Workshop will be held Wednesday, November 18, at Canyon Del Oro High School. Nestled against Pusch Ridge, CDO is one of the most scenic lo-cations we’ve arranged for the Workshop.

Don Enright, Assistant Principal of CDO, and Ruth Erickson, Social Studies Chair, have served as our liaisons; the two of them have done an exceptional job with organizing for the event and gen-erating a lot of excitement among the student body, teachers and staff, and parents. They have visited with student leadership groups, and eleventh and twelfth grade Social Studies classes, included articles about Running and Winning in the parent news-letter, and have cleared the school calendar for us!

Special thanks go to Bozena Popovic, one of AAUW-Tucson’s newest members, for recently printing two hundred Running and Winning brochures to help us educate members, city businesses and organizations, and schools about the mission of Running and Winning.
We anticipate that on the day of the Workshop that participants will include: sixty to seventy fe-male juniors and seniors; twenty graduate students serving as graduate students, young women from the Political Science and So-cial Policy Department at the University of Arizona; and twenty female elected officials, Democrat and Republican, including AAUW-Tucson member Linda Arzoumanian, Pima County School Superintendent.

Members from AAUW-Tucson, AAUW-Casas Adobes, the League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson, and the Pima County/Tucson Women’s Commission will be on hand to run the Workshop.

As always, we greatly appreciate contributions of any size to help us furnish materials for students, give them an Eegee’s lunch for the day, and supply them with Running and Winning goodie bags. Please make checks out to “LWVGT-Greater
Tucson Education Fund” and in the “For” section of your check, write “Running and Winning.” Give checks to Carol Dow, or mail them to: LWVGT, 2424 E. Broadway, Suite 110, Tucson, AZ 85719

Thank you AAUW-Tucson for your enthusiasm for and support of this incredible opportunity for young women!

By Shirley Andreatta, AAUW-Tucson Member and Carol Dow

Running and Winning Co-Chair